Introduction of Okinawa
Introducing Okinawa, "the Islands at Japan's southernmost tip,"Healing Islands of Health and Longevity" and "
Islands with a unique history and culture."
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Product introduction
An in-depth outline of products!
brown sugar / salt Poke luncheon meat Prosessed food/Frozen food/Seasoning Candy Drink
Health food Awamori Mozuku/Fish and shellfish Vegetable/Fruit Pork

Let's cook with the ingredient of Okinawa

Washita Pork・Oh!Pork

Crispy Pork and Eggs   Pork Stir-Fried Rice   Rocomoco Rice Bowl
Pork/Egg Rice Ball   Pork Curry   Pork Fry
Stir-Fried Goya   Chinese Cold Noodle with Pork   Fluffy Pork Omlette

Brown Sugar

Rich taste of Niku-Jyaga   Hot Cake(Pan Cake)   Method of preservation
Vanilla ice cream   Cookies & Brown Sugar Milk    


Go-Ya Champuru   How to eat okra   How to eat Bogor
How to eat Shima rakkyo   Pasta dish with handama   How to eat Passhion Fruits
Okinawa carrot borth   How to eat mango   How to eat papaya


Mozuku Zaru soba   Omlete with Mozuku   Fish with Mozuku   Mozuku Vinegar
Mozuku Rice   Chicken dumpling   Miso Soup   How to eat
Mozku Soup   Mozuku Tempura   Mozuku Salada  

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